"The underwater city of Atlantis is a marvel of architecture and engineering. Legends describe it as the sunken ruin of a former civilization, but in reality, Atlantis originated under the ocean. It was built to harness the power of water. The Relic is the key that starts up a vast system of turbines and pipes that power the city."

Atlantis is the second arena in Breakaway, and it’s more advanced than El Dorado. It’s a dual-lane arena, compared to the single lane of action in El Dorado. In terms of length, it’s shorter than El Dorado but it’s wider. At either edge of the map, there are two new buffs: one that grants each warrior on your team 750 gold, and one that increases damage reduction by 20%. Additionally, the entrance to your base is a bit wider, making it harder to turtle your base. Finally, there are moving elements to the arena: there are elevators on either base approach.