Spartacus revels in the glory of battle and the roar of the crowd. A champion of the people, he fights for pride and freedom, delivering victory at the edge of his legendary swords.

  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Primary Attack - Two hit melee attack with some forward momemntum
  • Slide - A short ranged, invulnerable, defensive slide
  • No Retreat - A quick dash attack, good for closing distance
  • Glory - Strong three hit combo with Super Armor, which ends in a powerful kick
  • Retribution - Powerful two hit combo which launches opponent into the air before slamming them back to the ground


  • This is Sparta - Level 2 - Reset For Glory's cooldown when knocking an opponent off of the level
  • Rundown - Level 3 - Striking the opposing team's Relic runner with No Retreat instantly resets it's cooldown
  • Into the Fray - Level 4 - 36 bonus Armor for 10 seconds after hitting an opponent with No Retreat
  • Lion's Rage - Level 5 - 30 bonus AD for 10 seconds if struck while carrying the Relic


  • Fire Catapult - Catapult which launches incendiary projectiles, good for clearing buildables. 
  • Ramp - Quickly launches the user a good distance horizontally. 


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