"Victor is a man obsessed. Enhanced by his own scientific breakthroughs and channeling the incredible power of electricity, he fights to unlock and control the mysteries of life and death."

Victor is a powerful, ranged nuker who sacrifices mobility for high burst damage at long range. His attacks are most effective when used against multiple enemies and he excels at punishing them for grouping up. The more closely enemies are grouped together, the greater Victor’s damage potential.

  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Primary Attack - A projectile which flies forward in an arc and triggers a small AoE on impact
  • Shock Field - Station shield which knocks opponents back and abosorbs incoming projectiles
  • Static Burst - AoE projectile that applies Static Charge, which explodes after any follow up attack
  • Wild Arc - A bolt of electricity which bounces between enemies and buildables, bouncing up to 3 times
  • Maelstrom - A series of lightning strikes in the area in front of him that strikes 4 times, targeting opponents and buildables


  • Successful Procedure - Level 2 - Regen 30 Health per second for 5 seconds for each opponent hit by Wild Arc
  • Charged Up - Level 3 - Gains 50 bonus AD while standing inside of Shock Field
  • Amped - Level 4 - Bonus 4 m/s Movement Speed while an opponent is affected by Static Charge
  • Chain Reaction - Level 5 - Defeating opponents with Maelstrom will reduce it's cooldown by 8 seconds for each opponent defeated


  • Jacob's Ladder - Arcing rods of electricity which blast any nearby jumping opponent
  • Turbine - A powerful engine which emits times pulses of electricity which can stun opponents if they do not jump over them


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